Journey Of A Dreamer

A Whole New Chapter In My Life

Dear Felicity,

It’s been a while since my last update so here’s what’s happening:

a) I know I’m late to jump on the Disney Mania bandwagon but I’ve been a fan of Disney since I was a little kid. I remember having karaoke sessions with my brother and friends and we would sing to the soundtracks of the Disney Renaissance (from Little Mermaid – Tarzan) for hours. My brother would take the cool characters, my friend would take the heroes he related to and yours truly would do the others from the ladies to weird characters to my personal faves, the VILLAINS. ~BE PREPARED~ BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Anyway Disney Mania remixes some of the old songs. Some are fantastic, some are commercialized fare and some I collect for plain wierdness – Poor Unfortunate Souls Rock Remix by Jonas Brothers?! Go figure.

b) Liz, my younger “sister” is WORKING!!! At my old workplace CANON CONCEPT STORE!!! Which is UNDER BETTER MANAGEMENT!!! And she who didn’t get past PMR is saving up for COLLEGE!!!! I was doing flips in my bedroom when I heard.

c) The reason why it’s a new chapter for me. I’m 26 this past Nov 8. No girlfriend but I’m confirmed at work so things are looking up. I still want to settle down sometime but when exactly is up to the Lord. I also know I should work on the packaging this wonderful heart is in and lose weight but getting to it is another whole chore. I’m making a recommitment to my emotional and spiritual growth and trying to get my family to pray together more often. Time will tell how I will mature as a person and as a leader of young people.

Dear God, thanks for another great year. Help me to get past the things that keep me down from flying high with You and help me to truly be a blessing wherever I am.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who made my 4 day birthday weekend memorable, especially my parents and the McIsaac family.


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