Journey Of A Dreamer

Christmas Butterflies

Hey, all…

It seems I’ve let myself go a little bit. Because of the inactivity in November, the kids may have too. With that in mind, I’m praying very hard that I’ll be able to rally the Youth together for Christmas despite their part-time jobs, Bible school semesters and camps for a real shebang this Christmas.

To me, the most important thing is not so much whether we make it but whether we all grow from the experience. I still believe that God wants great things to happen for us. I still believe that these kids are special with the potential to be anointed worshippers with the ability to really bless God’s people.

I’m just nervous about a lot of things. Thank God for pillars of strength like supportive parents, a real helpful bro and the Youth who want God’s best for their lives.

Here’s to an amazing journey this next few weeks!


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