Journey Of A Dreamer

Dad’s Gone And The Japanese Craziness Has Hit Me

Dear Felicity,

Dad left last week for KL. His eldest brother came to visit him and decided to take over from us. While I miss him, I’m thankful that he’s with someone who can help him recover and “bully” him into eating, going for physio and other stuff. I hope he comes back soon.

Meanwhile, one of my Youth is going away to NS. Because of his background, we fear that he might get into trouble if he’s not careful so we’re praying for him. See, he believes one thing when the country I live in (God bless it) insists he believes another. ‘Nuff said.

Also, I have recently downloaded a whole lot of Japanese broadway from Sakura Wars (8 CDs) and have decided to try to understand what the heck they’re singing about. So I’m learning Japanese indepedently online to understand their grammar and such. Tae Kim’s Japanese grammar guide is wonderful. Give it a try. Also, I highly recommend this online dictionary.


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