Journey Of A Dreamer

Busy-ness, Slight Depression And Puppies

Dear Felicity,

It’s been a real trying time for me these past months, dealing with loads of work at the job and home as well while handling certain duties in my father’s absence while trying to handle Youth and home cell together.

Because of all this, depression has set in a bit but I thank God for yesterday. First uplifting thing was the fact that my best friend was back from KL for a while and we got some time to chat. Also, another friend came by and had puppies. We frantically had to get some milk as they weren’t weaned yet but it was relaxing to be able to feed them from a bottle.

Woke up this morning at 6.30am because Aspen snuck into the house and had to fight with her to get her back out on the balcony. I have to find ways to work on my relationship with her.


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