Journey Of A Dreamer

Legally Blonde Encounter And Other Challenges

Dear Felicity,

Had the privilege of counseling the Malaysian version of Elle Woods on Wednesday. Picture a Chinese girl with looks and an outfit that would melt the very floor she’s standing on. You listen to her speak about wanting sororities and immediately your mind starts to judge her as “blonde”. But as the conversation progressed, I had to recant that judgment because just like her namesake, there is a bright mind in there and a friendly personality. She even gave me her blog address to read about her. While most guys would immediately try to snag her, I just wanted to understand this individual. Turns out there’s a lot happening in her life. I pray that she’ll find what she really needs in life.

Also, moving on, these past few weeks have been really challenging as it seems that just after I taught in Home Cell about the importance of submission, my director (God bless her) becomes more difficult to work with. Talk about learning to practice what you preach!

I am also blessed to see the Youth growing spiritually. I am praying really hard that all these guys and gals mature to be what God called them to be. I pray especially for a boy called Nick who is caught in between maturing and still acting out. He’s going through a lot because he’s a teen: hormones, dealing with old childish attitudes, parental pressure, etc.
Also, I am so glad that one of the boys has made the decision to come in. I pray I’ll be able to treat him right.

Lastly, I have been challenged to take stock of my life and go deeper in my personal relationship with Him, to seriously let go of my past distractions and addictions that hanker that relationship to mature as a Youth Leader. I really need to mature more. Guess I can thank God that the scratching of my Dad’s Waja is a start because one of the boys distracted me off the road to rub against the pavement.

Anyway, until next time.


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