Journey Of A Dreamer

How to find my joie d’vivre?

Dear Felicity,

I’ve been thinking… I love church, I love serving there but I can’t go there right now because it’s not time yet. The Almighty has not issued His decree so I obey. On the other hand, while I’m okay with work, I don’t see much purpose in it beyond the usual grind.

So why am I frustrated? Why can’t I serve the Lord with all the joy in my heart? And more importantly, where is my team? Everyone I rely upon seems to get too busy and dump stuff back on me at some stage and I don’t feel like a servant of God. I feel like a patch. Wherever there’s a gap, good ol’ Sam who is so multi-talented will fill it up…. and it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating because I wonder where everyone else is? Where are the future leaders, the future drivers, the future inspirers of the next generation?….

How can I get my passion, my First Love back?

Lord, help me find it.


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