Journey Of A Dreamer

Three Weddings In One Month

Dear Felicity

Three Saturdays all about in a span of five weeks are dedicated to weddings:

a) A distant cousin I barely know

b) A little sister of a childhood friend I haven’t had much contact with since HIS wedding

c) Two childhood friends of mine who have been together since high school

a) was last week, b) was just now and c) is coming up in about three weeks. So far, it’s been common with the usual Chinese 7 course dinners and singers and a dancing floor. I do wonder if c) will be any different.

I realized something horrible from this though:

I need to lose weight (I imagine a thousand resounding “amens” and a few “Where have I heard that before?” from the readers). The epiphany hit when the bottom button of my favourite shirt doesn’t button well anymore. This is not looking good… How am I going to do it? I have absolutely no idea.

One thing I do pray for. That the three wedded couples will always have real love and joy in their marriage all the way to their golden years. I sincerely hope that Darren and his beloved, Grace and Gavin, KK and another Grace may be fully blessed with the love of God in their lives… constantly and I also hope that they and their kids will shine brightly the love of God in their sphere of influence.

Congrats, you blessed three.


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