Journey Of A Dreamer

Belated B’Day Party (And dinner’s re-view… literally)

Dear Felicity,

Took an old friend out for dinner at a Steamboat place called Spicy Girl on Sunday. Nice food but ironic name… (considering that one of their branches has only old men for waiters).

After which, she decided she wanted to go to a carnival because she hadn’t been in one for ages. The ferris wheel was a heavenly experience for her… the spinning flying seats, not so much. You see, she forgot she had vertigo. Suffice it to say that she tasted her dinner again, only going the other way. 

Oh, well, it was an adventure, however brief. I should go on those rides again but just to be safe, I’d better make sure I’m not too stuffed.


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  1. Admiro su musica, y me sorprende mas aun su afision a la astronomia. Que bueno, lo admiro. Click

    | Reply Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

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